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New Stuff 2021!!!

  • International Student Scholarships in Australia

    The Australian Catholic University International Student Scholarships (ISS) are now open for applicants seeking to enrol in Semester One 2014. ACU International is very pleased to advise that applications for the above scholarships are now open. All applicants who have received offers will (...) Wednesday 4 September 2013 > more
  • Melbourne once again ranked most livable city in the world

    Melbourne has beat Vienna to claim the Global Livability Survey title of the best city in the world to live in for the second year running. Melbourne continues to thrive in terms of livability – not only do we benefit from the natural advantages of low population density, but we have continued (...) Wednesday 4 September 2013 > more
  • New - Gap Year in Cambridge

    Gap Year in Cambridge for £5500 This is a brand new programme for students wishing to improve their English language skills in one of the most famous University cities of the world. The course includes English language modules combined with business and culture. There is also a professional (...) Wednesday 17 July 2013 > more
  • Obtain an American qualification while studying in the United Kingdom

    Our network is growing and we are now able to manage your application to study at Richmond University in the UK. Richmond is an American University well established in the UK with a reputation for excellence in teaching. The campus is located in London and you’ll be able to study at Bachelor (...) Saturday 13 April 2013 > more
  • Combine English and Business studies in Ireland

    Galway Cultural Institute and Galway Business School offer a Professional Skills Suite programmes. These combine English language and Business Modules run by Galway Business School. There are three programmes to choose from: 1. English + International Marketing 2. English +Management 3. (...) Saturday 13 April 2013 > more
  • English on the Great Barrier Reef!

    This summer, 4 weeks of English in paradise will include a special tour of the most spectacular beaches for only 1240 Australian Dollars. This special offer will start for enrolments after June 17th this year. Featuring warm days all year round and a relaxed and friendly cosmopolitan (...) Friday 1 March 2013 > more
  • Special Offer for this Summer in Sydney

    If you are interested in obtaining the Cambridge this Summer and enjoy the Australian experience, we have secured a great deal in Sydney: Accelerated FCE Cambridge course starting 01/07/2013 1 week arrival pack with activities and trips Entries into Sydney’s most popular tourist (...) Friday 1 March 2013 > more
  • Voted Best English School Again!

    Our partner school in Canada ILAC has won the Education Stars Award for 2012. Voted by students from around the world! ILAC Toronto has been voted Best Language School in Canada. ILAC has two schools in Vancouver and Toronto. Both English schools have been winning international awards for many (...) Thursday 21 February 2013 > more
  • Do you know where wi-fi is coming from?

    In Australia Dr John O’ Sullivan and his colleagues at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) developed wi-fi technology in 1992. While looking for black holes, Dr O’Sullivan and his team created the technology that has gone on to be used in more than 3 billion (...) Thursday 7 February 2013 > more
  • Two new Universities in the USA

    SforStudy is glad to be able to include the Colorado State University and the Oregon State University as new partners. CSU and OSU are both highly ranked Universities and offer the best possible environment for your study. Thursday 24 January 2013 > more
  • Studying in Ireland?

    We have just included the University of Limerick as a new Partner. See our Irish page for more information. If you are looking for a Bachelor, a Master or just some English classes, the University of Limerick is a great place to (...) Tuesday 15 January 2013 > more
  • New York Film Academy Expansion

    With the continued growth of the New York Film Academy, new facilities have been added at NYFA-Universal Studios starting this month in California. A new facility has been added in Burbank. The Filmmaking, Photography, Animation, & Cinematography programs will use this as their primary (...) Monday 14 January 2013 > more
  • Canada Announces Changes to Immigration for Skilled Worker Class

    The Canadian government has made changes to its immigration policies that will make it easier for international students to find work and stay in Canada. Now is the right time to consider going to Canada if you wish to study English or an academic (...) Monday 14 January 2013 > more
  • Executive English Courses

    Professional people and Executives often need to improve their general English and some specific skills such as: using social media, negotiations, presentations, networking and cultural awareness. There is also a growing need for tailored topics in specific fields such as Oil & Gas, Law, (...) Thursday 15 November 2012 > more
  • The London Metropolitan University has been...

    - The London Metropolitan University falls from grace!
    The London Metropolitan University has been stripped of its Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS) status by the British Government. It means that over 2000 international students need to find another accredited University within 60 days or they could face deportation. The situation has created panic (...) Thursday 15 November 2012 > more

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