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Study in the heart of San Francisco! Our school is located right next to the Powell Street BART/Muni station, the hub of all public transportation in San Francisco. It borders Union Square, the most popular shopping district in the city, and is a short walk from the Museum of Modern Art and the Ferry Building, the gateway to San Francisco’s waterfront.

Our superb facility offers a lot of space and natural light: the classrooms have floor to ceiling windows, showing gorgeous views of the vibrant downtown area. Classrooms are, as in all Embassy schools, equipped with high-tech Interactive Whiteboards.

School facts:
• Class size average 15 -16 students
• Number of students average 130, maximum 400
• Number of teachers 14
• Minimum student age 16*
* Students aged 15 may be accepted, with approval of the Centre Director
• Average student age 25
• Internet Unlimited free access; wireless internet available throughout the school, plus access to on-site computers.
• Facilities Large student lounge; silent study area; library; interactive whiteboards.
• Accessibility Accessible to students with visual impairment, hearing impairment and wheelchairs.

General English starting each week
Long term English
Exam Courses (TOEFL and Cambridge)
Course Supplements (One-to-One & Work experience)

Accommodation options
Live as part of an English-speaking household. You’ll have your own bedroom, and eat breakfast and evening meals with your hosts.
It’s a great chance to meet native San Franciscans and share their way of life. Living with English-speakers also means that you will never stop learning and improving your fluency.
In San Francisco, our Homestay households are all within 60 minutes’ travel by public transport from the school. The residential areas around Embassy San Francisco are mostly 1930-40s era homes of Spanish Colonial and art-deco styles. There are flats and turn-of-the-last-century Victorian homes as well.
Student residences
For students who would like more independence.
In San Francisco, our student residences take the form of a selection of long-stay hotels, some with single and shared study bedrooms, some offering apartments. Bathrooms and toilets are shared in the former, private in the latter. In all cases there is a manager on duty at the residences.
You will have access to public telephones and the internet; there are also shared common room areas.
Guest room bed and breakfast: Rooms in private homes in the local San Francisco area. A continental-style, self-service breakfast is provided each day. This is a slightly less personal option than Homestay, because the host, while available for initial guidance and orientation, will not necessarily socialise with you. Thus, it’s a good option for those who would like a degree of privacy, and also suits couples.
We can advise you and also help you book accommodation in a number of recommended hotels and apartments. Please contact us if you would like more advice about accommodation.

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