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Marshall University is a multi-campus public university providing innovative undergraduate and graduate education that contributes to the development of society and the individual. The University actively facilitates learning through the preservation, discovery, synthesis, and dissemination of knowledge.

Welcome to Marshall University
Although we are West Virginia’s oldest public institution, we continue to look forward to our next challenge as an opportunity to excel. We are blessed with dedicated faculty and staff committed to helping students learn, grow and contribute to the communities in which they live and serve
To serve as the 36th president of Marshall University is an extraordinary privilege, one that comes during a time of unprecedented challenge and remarkable opportunity.
The current problems confronting higher education are formidable. Yet, we also can foresee vast vistas, rich in possibilities for those institutions of higher learning that can recognize and act on them.
To be relevant in the 21st century, we must create and produce value that is evident to our students, communities, and the world. This value is manifest in the capacity and innovative intellectual work that can be performed by our graduates – their creativity, the marketability of their ideas and intellectual products, their adaptability and their capacity to continue to learn.
Our commitment, therefore, must be to advancing the thinking of our students, their ability to apply and integrate what they have learned and educating them for a future of uncertainty, ambiguity, and sudden opportunity.
My wife, Jane, and I are very excited and committed to dedicating our full energy and enthusiasm to realizing the incredible potential we see within Marshall. The university excels in many areas that have earned the right to greater visibility and recognition.
We need to highlight and celebrate these achievements, regionally and nationally. They are beacons that distinguish Marshall University and our contributions to improving the world.

Stephen J. Kopp, Ph.D.

Housing Information
In the residence halls, you will live in a group environment while enjoying opportunities to establish your independence. Here, you are a part of a living and learning community in which you can forge lasting friendships. People and events will provide you with challenges, support, and fun. It’s a learning experience unlike any that occurs in a classroom.

Tuition Information
We offer in-state tuition 31% lower than the national average at other public four-year schools. We are pleased to provide first-time freshmen with the Marshall University Net Price Calculator, which will estimate your costs and financial aid eligibility.

Student Resource Center
We provide students with transitional support as they move from high school to college, and as they advance through their college career, with academic and life skill resources, programs, and classes. Through intrusive advising, campus integration, and career/major exploration initiatives, we hope to promote persistence, retention, and student success.

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