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LSBM is a business school based in Bloomsbury, central London, and the perfect location for you to study in London. Use of some of the University of London facilities is just one of the many benefits that LSBM is offering you towards acquiring a global University experience with a personal touch.
At LSBM we are transforming your lives by offering you the opportunity to achieve international, market orientated and practical degree qualifications at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Located in the heart of London’s academic community, the London School of Business and Management (LSBM) is an established higher education institution that specialises in providing internationally recognised Business and IT qualifications to students from all over the world. LSBM offer a wide range of courses in Business, Information Technology (IT) and Tourism Management at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

English For Academic Purposes and Higher Education Orientation Programme
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is part of a short course, designed by LSBM and with the cooperation of Pearson, aimed at students seeking to improve their English language skills.
Undergraduate Programmes
LSBM offers programmes at HN Diploma and Bachelor degree levels, in subjects as Business, IT and Tourism Management..
Postgraduate Programmes
LSBM offers Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates as well as Master’s programmes in various subjects..
LSBM’s relationship with leading UK universities and awarding bodies ensures that our students receive internationally recognised qualifications that are respected by employers both in the UK and worldwide

Why Study in London?
As one of the world’s most famous, most visited and influential cities London is a popular destination for thousands of international students every year.
To study in London presents a unique opportunity to experience life in this dynamic multicultural environment, where foreign students are predominantly attracted by the wide variety of historical, cultural and social activities that the city has on offer.

Some of the reasons why so many international students from all over the world choose to study in London include:
o London is the foremost capital city in Europe and a key figure in western democracy. Students can gain valuable insight into the workings of one of the most progressive and influential cities in the world. A great reason to study in London.
o London is one of the world’s leading cultural cities, with many renowned museums, art galleries and theatres. Students have an unrivalled opportunity to experience the culture. A few examples of popular attractions include the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, National Gallery, Tate Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, Royal Albert Concert Hall, Prince Edward Theatre and Palace Theatre. You can see all this when you study in London.
o London has a dynamic social scene, and it is well known for having many restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and cinemas throughout the city. Students can take advantage of being in one of the best locations in the world for live music, with places such as Wembley Arena and the Carling Academy regularly hosting top artists and bands. There are also a vast number of carnivals and festivals celebrated in London during the year. Enjoy your life when you study in London.
o London has a large sophisticated public transport infrastructure and this allow students easy access to travel around the city. Getting around the city is easy when you study in London
o London is a multicultural city, with most nationalities having thriving communities within the capital. This is a great benefit to foreign students, as they are able to interact with people from their own countries, ethnic backgrounds and religions, thereby helping them to create a ’home away from home’. You can create your own home when you study in London.