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Laetitia Valery – Dublin – March 2021

vendredi 30 avril 2021

During my university studies, I took a gap year.

I went to Dublin for a full year as part of a master program at UCD. It was the best experience I ’ve ever had. This experience has made a real impact personally and professionally. I was initially very afraid to leave my own country, to get out of my comfort zone. But now I have no regrets. I met some amazing friends, discovered a new country, and a new culture. Thanks to this experience, it added also important value to my curriculum vitae and helped me to find jobs. It makes a difference between two candidates.

Every time I meet someone who wants to go abroad, I can only cheer him on. We should not be afraid of the administration process it requires to organize this adventure. It’s worth it. It is not that difficult. It looks like a mountain but you can climb it. Have faith in you and never give up.