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If you are looking for an Internship in China we can find what you need. We have a large amount of companies in various fields that could add value to your career!

If you decide to take an exciting step forward and apply for an internship in China with us, we will provide a first Skype consultation for all applicants to get to know you. During this first interview we will review your situation and outline your priorities (industries you want to work in and others fields of interest to you), we will also review the steps of the process and the conditions. All of this will help you to be better acquainted with China and the steps ahead and will help us find suitable companies that will fit your priorities. Also, we will start looking into a business mentor within your fields of interest.

  • Internships for One month
  • Internships for several months
  • Internships for one year
  • Internships and Chinese classes


“I highly recommend IntuuChina , they helped me a big time before arriving to Shanghai and while I was there. I first got to Shanghai to study Chinese in a language school for three month. I completely felt in love with the city and I was able to know the best places and get the basic things i needed to start moving and developing my contacts fast.”

Bibiana Rocha

"As part of my study “Business Management and International Trade” that I do at International University of Catalonia in Spain, I have completed an internship in the time period of 1st of February, till 30th of July, working as a marketing consultant for a consulting firm in Shanghai, China.
After having studied three consecutive years in university, it was here my task to work on a project called “Plan China 2012” during which we composed a China market research for ten Spanish apparel footwear brands and build up a first network of contacts as for their probable market entry.
I had a great experience in China and would recommend this destination to any students."

Denise Lopez Redondo