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Spend a Year at University in Cambridge !

mardi 10 décembre 2013

Anglia Ruskin University has taught English Language for over 50 years. They have expertise in delivering high-quality courses supported by excellent technical facilities, including their open-access language centre.

This course would be attractive to students as it gives them access to University life, studying alongside students with diverse cultural backgrounds from all around the world, coupled with the wider international community of Cambridge.

As it is an integrated package the students would not only improve their English language skills, but be provided additional insights into the Business English world to supplement their academic study. The Independent learning opportunity with a personal tutor, would give them the chance to develop their own interests.

Through the different modules, the students would have experience of a variety of skills, including analytic and critical thinking and a variety of soft skills such as interpersonal communication, giving presentations, working in groups, creating portfolios and writing reports.

They would receive individual support and have access to all the sporting/social activities on offer on the Cambridge Campus. Students would join classes that are already running with other international students.

Course outline for one or two semester students 2014/15 :
- IELTS (4 hours per week)
- British life lectures (5 hours per week)
- Attendance on 2 x degree module lectures. (4 hours per week) – example Business English 1 and 2, English Advanced 1 and 2
- Tailor made element - Independent learning guided by a Personal Tutor, which could take the form of a monitored business project tailored to the student’s interest after a needs analysis at the beginning of the course. (1 or 2 hours per week)
Contact hours : 14/15 per week.
Price to be advised.

Orientation on 25th September 2014. Classes start 29th September 2014.

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