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What is it that makes Colombia a great place to study Spanish?

With a neutral and clear accent, friendly people, exotic landscapes and cosmopolitan cities, Colombia is definitely the place to learn Spanish.

Colombia is a South American country of 46 million inhabitants. Situated on the northwest corner of the continent, Colombia has warm water ports on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The landmass of the country covers 440,000 square miles of diverse geography, so tourists can choose to lounge on a tropical beach, snorkel in crystal blue Caribbean waters, explore rain forests or climb rugged mountains.

Colombia is a country of great contrasts, ranging from Caribbean beaches to Andean mountaintops and dense Amazon rainforests in the far south. In Bogota, don’t miss the Capitol, where the Colombian legislature meets, and the Gold Museum, which exhibits a wealth of pre-Columbian artifacts. For a dazzling overview of the capital city, take the cable car to the top of Cerro de Monserrate, which has an elevation of 10,365 feet.

On the Caribbean coast, Barranquilla offers sleek resorts and beautiful beaches, while Cartagena still reflects the Spanish colonial past of both the city and the country. Journey to the city of Leticia in the far south of Colombia to explore the upper reaches of the Amazon Basin, where the borders of Colombia, Peru and Brazil come together.

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