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Mauro Matalone, HR Intern, 26 weeks, Italian

«I was a HR intern at a leading international airline in Australia. Working for one of the most prestigious airlines in the world was a great responsibility. It was great to experience what goes on behind the scenes of their operations. The tasks that I was involved in related to the A380 on board management recruitment as well as cabin crew recruitment. As soon as I started I was involved in the HR team 100%. The chance to work, live and gain relevant work experience in one of the most beautiful country’s in the world was absolutely invaluable. Australian companies are highly professional and very business oriented. My goal was to have competitive CV and having just come back from Australia I can honestly say I have an outstanding CV.
Mauricio Navarro, Culinary, 52 weeks, Colombian
I came to Australia because it’s a country that has a lot of possibilities, has a strong multicultural cooking culture good restaurants and very talented chefs. I’m a Chef the Partie, I’m in charge of the vegetables sections for the mains (entremetier), all garnish for main dishes and soups for the restaurant and the bistro restaurant. Occasionally I’m in charge of ordering and material control. This has definitely been a very gratifying experience!»

Steffany Marquez, Marketing Intern, 20 weeks, Mexican

«Throughout my internship I worked in a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote environmentally sustainable living. The team is amazing!! As a marketing intern, I have completed a range of projects such as organising the 2010 Fellowship Program Graduation dinner, as well as organising different events and deal with communication and marketing software. The work I have completed has been interesting and rewarding and everyday was a new learning experience.»

Chen Chen Liu , Accounting Intern, 12 weeks, Chinese

«It has been awesome experience. I’m grateful for such a great opportunity and all the time and effort Australian Internships has devoted, as well as all the support that has been provided. I would not be able to kick start my career without your help.»

Caroline Henrich, HR Intern,26weeks, German

As an intern I worked most of the time with the Human Resources team and the business development group I also helped Finance, Accounting and Project Management. Some of my responsibilities included data entry, organisation of electronic employee files and updating of databases. Furthermore I helped with recruitment of casual employees. I also had the opportunity to assist the marketing team. I think doing an internship in another country enables you to learn another culture whilst learning more about your future career and whether that path may be for you or not. It is very important to do an internship and to gain international work experience while at the same time making great friends.»

Fabio Figueiredo, Engineering Production, 12 weeks, Italian

«I completed a lot of interesting work throughout my internship. I interacted with almost every department of the company e.g. Manufacturing, Technical & Marketing, Material, Test Centre and Quality. My tasks were to build some prototypes, complete test on the assembly line (to see if the prototypes are capable to be built as a complete module), also some laboratory tests (to see if they meet customer requirements). In addition, I worked with people from different nationalities such as: German, French, Malay, Indian, Polish and Macedonian, so I experienced a multi-cultural environment. I think this experience will help me in the development of my career in the future especially helping me mature as an adult. This has definitely changed the way I live.»

Emeric Vautier, HR Intern, 20 weeks, French

«I completed my internship at a Hotel in the HR department. After 5 months I learnt many new skills not only in the executive departments but in the operational departments as well. I learnt how different departments work together and exactly what is involved in each area. My manager in the sales department was great since my arrival giving me regular feedback and always willing to listen to any of my queries throughout the week. The whole sales team were great and included me from the start. I had the ability to gain exposure to multiple departments and I was never secluded to one area of the hotel. I enjoyed working with a vast number of people.»

Anne Vogt, Front Office, 26 weeks, German

«My internship in sunny Australia has been an extraordinary experience. The last few months in this country enabled me to gain a lot of self confidence as everyone was so encouraging and helpful. I now have the self-assurance to deal with any situation or problem which may arise. In addition, my English skills have improved tremendously and I now have clarity on which career path to follow. I have become a more multicultural person and have realised how important it is to have international work experience. I definitely recommend an international internship for everyone as it is so widely accepted globally and you have the chance to experience another culture.