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Australian Internships has 10 years of experience in arranging professional training for international students in Australia. Every year we place hundreds of individuals in high quality organisations. We realise that every person is different and therefore have personalised our approach when dealing with each individual’s internship placement.

The Internship Programme offers candidates an opportunity to gain professional work experience and improve career opportunities in almost all academic fields and a wide range of industries. It is aimed at candidates seeking work experience / internship positions in Australia. An internship is a great way to gain exposure into the professional work environment and develop professional workplace skills. All placements are non-paid training positions and they are available in all major cities of Australia. The Internship Program will give candidates entry to Australia’s leading organisations.
Australian Internships is the market leader at providing work experience opportunities to young professionals from across the globe. The programme is also open to Australian citizens and Permanent Residents. For nearly 15 years Australian Internships have been the experts at providing:
• Internships in Adelaide
• Internships in Brisbane
• Internships in Sydney
• Internships in Melbourne
• Internships in Perth
• Internships Australia wide
Australian Internships ensures that candidates receive training compatible with their educational background.
Internship lengths vary depending on candidates and their objectives or academic requirements. The minimum length is 6 weeks and maximum length is 26 weeks.
To view currently available internship positions please go to Current Vacancies
Candidates can choose from any of the following fields or specify and we will match their request with a suitable organisation:
• Accounting Internships

• Arts Internships
• Banking and Finance Internships
• Education Internships
• Engineering Internships
1. Civil / Construction Engineering Internships
2. Chemical Engineering Internships
3. Environmental Engineering Internships
4. Electrical Engineering Internships
5. Industrial Engineering Internships
6. Mechanical Engineering Internships
7. Mining Engineering Internships
• Environmental Science Internships
• Government Internships
• Graphic Design* Internships
• Hospitality and Tourism Internships
• Human Resources Internships
• Information Technology Internships
• Law and Politics* Internships
• Linguistics Internships
• Marine Science Internships
• Media and Journalism* Internships
• Medical Research Internships
• Photography* Internships
• Political Science Internships
• Retail Internships
• Sales and Marketing Internships
• Sociology Internships
• Sport Internships
• Telecommunications Internships
• Trade Internships
• Travel Internships
• Wholesale Internships
• … plus many more