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SIBT In Sydney with Macquarie University

We’re delighted to see you are looking for information about SIBT and its highly respected partner, Macquarie University.

The SIBT courses and approach to teaching are unique.

You will be on a university campus, studying university units.

You will also have the added benefits of personalised teaching, small classes and additional support from our team.

SIBT students become independent learners who have the skills and knowledge to succeed at Macquarie.

At SIBT you will develop personally, have the opportunity to gain lifetime friendships and establish career networks with fellow students from Australia and around the world.


Courses in Macquarie University’s North Ryde and City campuses.

Courses start

February, June or October

Number of Students

3200 Australian & international students.

Pathway and undergraduate Programs:

Certificate IV in University Foundation Studies
Diploma of Arts
Diploma (or Advanced Diploma) of Business Administration
Diploma (or Advanced Diploma) of Commerce
Diploma of Communication
Diploma (or Advanced Diploma) of Computing
Diploma of Electronic Engineering


Gain entry into one of Australia’s top ten universities.

Study on campus at Macquarie University and have access to all university services and facilities.Be taught by excellent Macquarie approved lecturers.

Small class sizes mean you get personalised attention from lecturers.Advance directly into second year university studies – no time wasted.

View online : http://www.sibt.nsw.edu.au/