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Arbutus College is a leading private Business School located in Vancouver, Canada. We offer programs in Business, Hospitality, International Trade, Communication Arts and Translation & Interpreting (Japanese/English, Korean/English, Chinese/English).

We are a unique college where communication skills are integrated with academic and professional business training. In today’s market place communication skills, including speaking and writing, have become essential. With the right knowledge and relevant experience our graduates have been able to find work or enter university in the shortest time possible.

At Arbutus College we are proud of our cultural diversity. Our students enjoy a multicultural environment, with an exciting mix of nationalities in every classroom. Students from Latin America, Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Korea, Japan, Morocco, Turkey and India come together at Arbutus College and enjoy the benefits of being exposed to different cultures and backgrounds. At Arbutus College we not only provide our students with high quality instruction but also provide them with the environment and multicultural background they need to become leaders in today’s global economy.

Our programs have been designed to help you achieve your career goals.

Central location
The downtown Vancouver neighborhood is full of trendy stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. The College is less than a 2 minute walk from a main bus, train, sky-train, and sea-bus station.
Student Services
At Arbutus College, we care about the needs of our students and strive to provide the support needed for our students to prosper.
• We monitor our students’ attendance and progress to assist them to achieve their full potential
• We train students on how to write a resume, search for a job, and prepare for an interview
• We advise students how to enjoy living in Vancouver by helping them find suitable accommodation, access relevant services, and locate entertainment
Quality of Instruction
Arbutus College students learn from highly qualified instructors who are well-recognized in their respective fields. Many of the instructors have completed extensive research in their areas of expertise and participate in the development of textbooks and curriculum.
Practical training
In today‘s job market, English fluency, practical knowledge, and work experience are the keys to success. Arbutus College is focused on helping the student develop these skills as well as facilitating authentic work experiences to consolidate learning.
In its position as a PCTIA accredited and EQA designated institution, Arbutus College can support vocational career students with study permits for 6 months or longer to work up to 20 hours per week or to participate in co-operative learning opportunities.
University Transfer
Arbutus College offers students a pathway to a university degree. University-level transfer credits are awarded in blocks or as individual courses to students who have successfully completed listed courses and/or completed a two-year professional diploma program in Business Management and/or Hotel Management from the College. .

Located in downtown Vancouver, Arbutus students have easy access to public transport and the huge range of activities and attractions in the area. The campus has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with classrooms and study lounges spread over two floors.


  • Business Management
  • Hospitality
  • International Trade
  • Marketing
  • English Programs