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Algoma University is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. In addition to our main campus, we offer distinct academic programming in two other locations in the province: Brampton and Timmins. These locations provide unique learning experiences in specific program areas tailored to the communities they serve. At Algoma University, no matter where you choose to study you will receive a personalized educational experience and one-on-one attention from faculty in a caring community of learners.

• Accounting
• Anishinaabemowin
• Biology
• Business Administration
• Community Development
• Community Economic and Social Development
• Computer Science
• Economics
• English and Film
• Finance and Economics
• Fine Arts
• French
• Geography and Geology
• History and Philosophy
• Law and Justice
• Mathematics
• Music
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Social Work
• Sociolog

Student Life
Get More than a Degree

Algoma University isn’t all work and no play. We encourage our students to get involved and participate in the variety of events which happen on- and off-campus all year. Taking part in activities is not only a stress reliever, but also gives you the opportunity to make new friends and try new things. Plus, the activities you participate in help build your resume with volunteer experience.

The Speak Easy
The Speak Easy is Algoma University’s student centre. Attached to the cafeteria, The Speak Easy operates as a patio, pub, and entertainment hub. Students can enjoy a place to relax during the day or evening, listen to live bands and performances, study, or catch-up on the latest entertainment happening on screen. Planned evening events that happen annually include:

o Karaoke nights
o Acoustic jam nights
o Themed Thursday pub nights
o Live bands
o Comedy nights
o Cultural events, including EID Dinner, J-Night, and Brazilian Night

The Speak Easy is also home to numerous special events, including presentations, the Algoma University Students’ Union (AUSU) election debates, and pumpkin carving contests. There’s always something happening at The Speak Easy!

Student Clubs
Students can also get involved on campus by taking advantage of student clubs. AUSU provides funding annually for a variety of student clubs which allows students to meet others with common interests, share their talents, and relieve stress. Students can sign up for a club throughout the year, but special events called Club Days are held at the beginning of both the fall and winter semesters to help get students acquainted with the different existing clubs. And if you don’t find a club you’re interested in, you can always start a new one! At Algoma U, we foster students’ interests and creativity!
Big News: At Algoma U You Get a Single Room!

Algoma University guarantees a private residence room to all first-year students who apply directly from high school. A single room provides students with the best learning and study environment. But rest assured, having a single room doesn’t mean you’ll be alone – you’ll share a bathroom with a dorm mate, and there are countless opportunities to get involved or hang out with fellow residents.

Plus, living in residence gives you the full student experience. You’ll have more opportunities to make friends and get involved in activities and events around the campus. Campus life is always great, but it’s even better when the campus is your home. When you’re only a two minute walk from everything on campus – the cafeteria, the bookstore, the Speak Easy, our athletics complex, and all of our classroom facilities – you’ll quickly realize, there’s never a dull moment at Algoma U! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for on campus,

there’s a bus stop right outside your door that can take you anywhere you need to go in Sault Ste. Marie.

All of our residence options at Algoma U are wheelchair accessible and provide a secure and safe living environment, 24 hours a day. With evening and overnight security staff, trained Residence Advisors, a secure-access dorm building, and 24-hour video surveillance, you’ll never need to worry about your safety or security.
You can also decide to stay with a local family. The University will help you finding the right accommodation.