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Alexandre Suys – UK - March 2021

mercredi 21 avril 2021

Hi ! I am Alexandre Suys, a French student from Bordeaux. I studied at Brunel University of London for my Bachelor in Mechanical and Energy Engineering. I met incredible people there, from very different countries (my very first friend was from Kenya !! I would have never imagined that). I made it to the Badminton team in my second year and it was such a great accomplishment for me. I was among the weakest back then, but thanks to my friends and my hard work we managed to make it to the top of our league a year later ! It strengthened our bonds and it was so much fun as well. Being part of this society was very uplifting (I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have known such an experience in France from what some friends told me). So I can only strongly recommend being part of a society (may it be sport, music....).

I met also a very good friend in my course and it was just so wonderful to study with him. Find a buddy ! it makes life easier and more fun. Now, when I left France for the first time, my biggest fear was my English level. To be honest, it was terrible. Not academically speaking, just talking casually to people was much harder than I thought. It was not what I was used to in English classes. On top of that, I did not have any ease in English and I am an introvert. But I made it quite well ! I just kept trying over and over again. I met very good friends as I said who taught me the British way of life (they still are teaching me).

Today, I am doing a European Master in Renewable Energy MSc via the organisation called EUREC. I spent my first semester in Loughborough University and I met there fewer people (COVID times : if you know you know). My flatmates became my best friends (as well as few other people). We went through a lot of restrictions, but I still lived my best life during these 3 months with them. None of them are from UK, and this is what is even more interesting. My Italian friends got us to cook some Italian meals, same for Greek meals, and even Maltese ! This basically sums up my experience abroad.