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Working Holiday Visa

Many young people from different nationalities are lucky to be able to access the Working Holiday Visa, which gives the opportunity to study a language, travel and work while they discover the country and improve their language skills.
The Working Holiday Visa is perfect for young people who have just finished their secondary studies and are not sure about their next orientation or just want to take a few months or a year off.
Students having completed several years of Higher Education are also encouraged to use the Working Holiday Visa in order to perfect a second language and to gain work experience. It can even be a way of finding an employer and obtain a long-term position…
Favourite destinations are Australia, New Zealand & Canada.
The perfect combination is an initial period of study to improve English language level (from 5 to 17 weeks) followed by work and travel in the country. Some of our Partners will be able to help you finding jobs. Some will go further and will provide a daily list of jobs available during your time abroad.
Apart from organising the study period, SforStudy also has a number of options which will guarantee jobs during the time abroad. We’ll assist you with accommodation, visa issues, insurance and other important aspects of your trip abroad. We want to make sure you’ll have a great and fruitful time.
Working during their stay in the country will allow students to cover some or even all of their expenses. The Working Holiday visa is a fantastic way to improve your English while enjoying a year abroad discovering amazing places!