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Work and Study in Australia

Thursday 15 November 2012

I have been travelling to Ireland and Scotland in the past few weeks, attending conferences and fairs and I was surprised to notice how many students were asking for information regarding the right to stay in Australia, in order to work following the obtention of a Bachelor or a Master’s Degree at one of the Australian Universities.

The Knight review mandated by the Australian Government, has highlighted the idea of offering to international students the possibility of staying several years in Australia once they have graduated with a Bachelor or a Master’s Degree from an Australian University.
With a healthy economy, a great life style and a quality Higher Education system, Australia remains in strong demand.

Some young people (depending on their nationalities) , may want to travel to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa instead. This visa will allow them to work as much as they want while they are visiting Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef…