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Vietnam as a study destination !!

Thursday 15 November 2012

Most students do not think about going to Vietnam to further their studies. Yet, if you are looking for a vibrant exotic place, Vietnam has a lot to offer. With a strong economy, the country is attracting new businesses and entrepreneurs are certainly taking advantage of a perfect location in South East Asia to develop new ideas.

You can obtain an International Education with courses delivered in English’ if you decide to study at RMIT University which is a fully Australian owned University with fantastic facilities in Ho Chi Minh City.

I have visited the city a few months ago and I was most impressed with the brand new campus attracting the best Vietnamese students, but also international students from surrounding countries and beyond.

Students talk better about their impressions than I ever could do and you’ll find a great video on Youtube with Danish and French students talking about their experience at RMIT Vietnam.

We have helped students enrolling at RMIT Vietnam and if you are looking at studying abroad for a Bachelors, a Masters or just one or two semesters in Vietnam, you should certainly contact us. Why not do part of your study in Vietnam and finish in Australia!

The cost of living in Vietnam is very cheap compared to most countries too. Quality of life combined with the human experience make it an exciting and unique destination.