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A special school in a special location

Montañita Spanish School is the perfect place to learn Spanish in Ecuador. Located on Ecuador’s famous beach of Montañita, you can study Spanish and surf, take salsa and yoga classes or go scuba diving in some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

There are excellent, friendly teachers and staff waiting to make your experience learning Spanish in Ecuador a fantastic one!
Montañita Spanish School was voted one of the top five Spanish schools in the world by the STAR Awards for the quality of its Spanish courses, the location of the Ecuador Spanish school and the extra-curricular activities provided nearby Montañita.

The staff at Montañita Spanish School is proud to be honored with such an award and we would like to share our love for Montanita with you! Montañita Spanish School is only a stones throw away from the beach and waves that make Montaita famous. Our Spanish school is the perfect place to learn Spanish, relax and listen to the waves break. Our friendly atmosphere will make you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. And the view of the beach right from your classroom is stunning!

MONTANITA programs include:

Our teachers will help you master the Spanish language with practical and innovative lessons. Between classes you can relax at the beach, go surfing, diving, horseback riding or visit the many nearby attractions such as the artifacts of the oldest known culture in Ecuador located nearby in Valdivia. The town has an amazing, relaxed, friendly and fun feel to it. Montaita is the main beach attraction in Ecuador, yet it has kept its intimidate and small town charm. There are no high rises in Montañita, but there are world class waves! The secret is out! Montañita is on the lips of all travelers to Ecuador.

Our accommodation is truly first rate. We offer beautiful cabaas (cabins) with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and kitchen. All of our cabaas are just a 2-minute quiet stroll to the pristine beach. Come and learn Spanish in Ecuador with us. You will take home fond memories, make lifetime friends and, of course, greatly improve your ability to speak and write Spanish.


Mini Group Spanish : (20 lessons per week)

Montañita Spanish School provides small mini-group Spanish. There are 4 lessons per day, 5 days per week. With 6 different ability groups you will be with others also keen to learn at the same level.
Classes consist of 2 hours of largely Grammar based learning. We still try to make it fun! Then there are 2 hours of more conversational or activity based Spanish, to put into practice what you have learned.
In the conversation/practical classes group members frequently go on trips around town, practice real world situations and even have cooking classes sometimes! The groups are very small, normally 3-5 persons. In fact, the maximum per class is only 6! So you will get a lot of attention and your learning needs will be catered for.

Spanish One on One : (20 lessons per week)
Some people learn best with individual attention. If this is you, then we suggest our private classes. With a teacher only focused on your needs, you can guarantee that you will learn quickly and efficiently. This is often the best route to take if you are limited on time, if you have specialized Spanish to learn or just because it suits your learning style best.

The teacher will be following a well proven course syllabus but is free to concentrate on any weaknesses you have. For our private classes you are basically allowed to “set the pace.” Your professor and you will figure out the best way for you to practice whatever it is you are hoping to learn!

Teachers are all qualified professionals and with private classes your Spanish will improve rapidly.

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