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Master / Postgraduate


Universities use different terms to talk about Post-Bachelor education. The most common term used is Master.

A Masters Degree will improve your professional skills and understanding of a specific area of knowledge. Masters Degrees give a greater employability and access to better paid positions. The length of time needed to complete a Masters Degree can vary from one year to two years depending on the program and the University.

Master by Research

Depending on your previous Degree, you may want to study a Masters Degree by research in order to develop your skills in research and to enhance your critical thinking.

Graduate Certificate & Graduate Diploma

Some universities offer programs called Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas to student who normally hold a Bachelor or above. The duration of a Graduate Certificate is normally one Semester and one year for the Graduate Diploma.
The two awards are often part of a Master and can be an exit point when students do not want to complete their Master. However, some students choose a Graduate Certificate or a Graduate Diploma to specialise in a discipline or to further their previous studies.