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Gap Year

A Gap Year is simply a period of time, which is taken just after High School and before starting your Higher Education Studies or out of the normal higher education cycle. It can be for a few months or up to a full year. In other words a Gap Year is a time out for anything, anywhere and anytime!

However a Gap Year needs to be properly prepared, otherwise it becomes just a long holiday. The Gap Year needs to do more than this. It needs to add value to a person and to the CV.
There are many exciting opportunities around for students to have a break and have a life changing moment in another country and in another environment.
Many students wish to travel and experience another culture and learn or improve another language before they complete their study programme, because they know after graduating, it’s into the job market and possibilities to travel become less.
There are many options available either for travel, study, work or volunteering and destinations can include the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada and many other, maybe less traditional places.
Nearly all our partners around the world offer a Gap Year opportunity.
However, as it can be a complicated route and every student has a different project, a really personalised service is necessary to maximise this Gap Year experience.
So make sure you talk to us about your project.