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Berkeley College - New York

For 80 years, Berkeley College has been at the forefront of global business education preparing students to excel in the business world. Our current international student population totals over 700 students from 100+ countries,.

The Campus Environment
Located in the heart of Manhattan, students have New York City as their campus. Surrounding the midtown campus are major businesses, cultural attractions, theaters, and museums.


Career Counseling

We provide a variety of career development and placement services


The campus is equipped with wireless internet and features state-of-the-art computer labs


The library offers computers for student research and internet access; conference and study rooms; copy machine; and a collection of print, non-print, and periodicals

International Student Services

Students will receive assistance in immigration, housing and adjustment to American life. The office organizes social networking activities for students to enjoy their time outside of class.


  • Housing $1,000 per month
  • Health insurance $30 per month
  • Food $500 per month
  • Books $300 for the quarter
  • Transportation $100 per month


International Finance

Examines the financial markets that multinational corporations, government agencies, and banks use in conducting business

Public Policies and Economic Organizations

Focuses on the economic organization of US industries. Students analyze US policy toward competition, monopoly, and markets.

Persuasive Communication

Examines the role of persuasion in society and speaking techniques necessary for success in formal and informal presentations

Career Management Seminar

Focuses on exploring career opportunities, the job search process, and interview preparation.

New Product Development

Identifies the steps through which new products are developed. The following will be discussed: idea generation, concept development, marketing strategy and business analysis


  • Fall 2012: October - December
  • Winter 2013: January - March


  • Class Format: Lectures and class participation
  • Class Size: Average 20 to 25 students
  • Language: English


  • Housing $1,000 per month
  • Health insurance $30 per month
  • Food $500 per month
  • Books $300 for the quarter
  • Transportation $100 per month


Education Component 3-months

Our faculty possesses outstanding academic credentials and extensive professional experience within major US businesses. Students will learn practical business applications through dynamic and challenging courses.

Internship Component 3-months

Berkeley College has established relationships with the most prominent businesses in NYC. Berkeley will assist students in gaining valuable work experience.

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